Research Projects

Clink on the links below to browse some of the culminating projects completed by recent M.A. students in the Applied English Studies program.


Archival Studies

Natalie Rose Ray ~ On the Edge of Inclusion: A Look at the Shifting of Representation in Museum Display and Archival Cataloging


Cultural Studies

Morgan Lee Thornburg ~ The Ginger, The Pin-up, or the Stepchild? Redheadedness as an Embodied Trope


Digital Humanities

Felix Boers ~ Toward a Working Theory of Queer Hypermedia: An Analysis of Queer Textual Structures in Gone Home and What Remains of Edith Finch



Christopher A. Gordon ~ 27 Months of Solitude: A Peace Corps Story

David Wayne Longstreth ~ Enhancing the Acquisition of Discipline-Specific Vocabulary Through Student Concordancing 

Deva Richards ~ EFL Teaching and Teacher Training in Nicaragua: A Master's International Experience

Jason J. Stibi ~ Motivation, Imagination, and the Future Self in Second Language Acquisition

Melissa Wise ~ Serving in the Kingdom: A Volunteer Experience in the Development of EFL Literacy in Tonga


Literary Studies

Amanda L. Alexander ~ In Our Veins Flows the Blood of Many Brave Races”: The Influence of the German Literary Vampire on Constructions of Race and Nation in Nineteenth-Century British Vampire Fiction  

Stephanie G. Cowherd ~ Spirals of (Re)knowing: An Analysis of the Construction of Place/Space in Women’s Communities through Ceremony in Joy Harjo's Poetry

Cassandra Sumiko Curatolo ~ Historical Consciousness, The Cultural Imaginary and Postcolonial Subjectivity in Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being

Samuel T. Gabriels ~ The Effects of Literature as a Guidebook: Reimagining Landscapes through Barry Lopez’s Desert Notes

Grace Hart ~ You Vave a Voice Here: Implementing Armenian Feminist Literature within Feminist Discourse

Robin A. Imholte ~ Abjection in Late Nineteenth Century British Literature

Adrienne Jones ~ Archiving Trauma: Navigating Shame and Trauma in Virginia Woolf’s The Waves and Cherríe Moraga’s Loving in the War Years  

Christopher Ramponi ~ Reflections of an Impossible Ideal: Passion as the Will to Downfall in Madame Bovary

Corrina Michelle Wells ~ Tracing Writer/Reader Identity in, and in Response to, Queer Latinx Autohistoria-Teorìa



Hallie R. Lepphaille ~ (In)Equities in the Publishing Industry: The Politics of Representation



Dakota James Rohlin ~ Ethos in Climate Change Communication: Analyzing Digital and Broadcast News Coverage of the Fourth National Climate Assessment


Writing Centers Studies

Thomas Brooks King ~ Writing Center Tutor Training: An Examination of Emphasis on Critical Pedagogy in Tutor Training Handbooks 


Writing Studies & Pedagogy

Emily Ann Bushta ~ Playing and Learning Through Text and Images: Examining Features of Adolescent Literacy and the Potential of Graphic Novels as a Supportive Tool

Justin Kirkbride Egan ~ Towards a Critical Game Based Pedagogy in Composition

Kelley L. Ellion ~ Understanding Reading in the English Program: An Inquiry of How Students are Guided with Advanced Reading Materials

Laura P. Gorman ~ Considering “Disparate” Genealogies Analogously: A Survey into the Histories of Peer Response and their Impact on Current Peer Response Practices

Alysia Marie Hegg ~ Write Yourself Awake: The Double Pursuit of Mindfulness Meditation and Writing Theory

Marcos Andrew Hernandez ~ Publishing for Transfer: Notes Toward an Editorial Pedagogy for the Transfer-Oriented Writing Program






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