B.A. in English

Our B.A. in English enables graduates to pursue careers across a wide range of areas: writing and editing, publishing, arts administration, content creation, research, librarianship, digital scholarship, education, teaching English as a second or foreign language (TESL/TEFL), community organizing and service, and social justice advocacy.

The Program

The English department at Cal Poly Humboldt is a place for students who want to make a difference in their communities. Our students care about the voices around them and how language acts upon the world. How do words and stories shape our worldview? Whose voices are heard, and whose are left out? How can we help people become more empowered to use  language to tell their story? These are the questions we ask in our classes each day.

The program takes an international and multilingual approach to English. Students learn to communicate effectively across many situations and to develop a reflexive critical consciousness. By studying the relationship between language, identity, and power, students will participate in conversations about social justice, pedagogy, literature, and writing that extend beyond the classroom. English majors graduate with skills in critical reading, writing, and research, and having engaged with audio, digital, and print media.

In the English department, students have the chance to work with faculty and a supportive cohort of peers while exploring the deep connection between theory and practice, critique and creation. With a range of courses offered beyond the core requirements, students can customize their English degree to their personal passions and career ambitions. 

English, B.A.

The English B.A. is a flexible program that allows you to take the courses that most interest you, building toward a career-oriented capstone course to prepare for next steps following graduation. Students in the general English B.A. program share a core curriculum of six foundational courses. They extend their study with courses in global literatures and literatures of the Americas, creative production and practice, language study and multilingualism. Extended study courses align with the minor programs offered in the English department, and many students choose to add minor programs to deepen their areas of expertise. Students complete their capstone course in research & librarianship, writing & publishing, teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language, or teaching secondary school writing.


English Education Concentration

The English Education concentration is a pathway through the English major designed for students planning to teach English at the secondary school level. The program is aligned with California Commission on Teacher Credentialing standards. Completion of this concentration allows students to waive the CSET exam for the Single Subject Teaching Credential in English.


Toyon Literary Magazine

Students in any concentration have the opportunity to join the editorial team for the Toyon Literary Magazine by taking ENGL460. A second course associated with Toyon is ENGL461, a course that provides an introduction to the many skills a writer may need in their career pathway (grant-writing, fellowship applications, publicity concerns, audio and digital content creation, resume-writing, interviewing, etc.).

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Teaching Writing

Students interested in teaching writing may wish to enroll in ENGL450, a course that prepares students to apply to be consultants in the Humboldt Writing Studio.

Senior Capstone & Online Portfolio

Regardless of concentration, all students will complete a capstone experience in a professional area that will launch them into next steps beyond graduation. English majors will build an online portfolio to use for future employment and collaboration opportunities, and are encouraged to participate in hands-on learning through teaching assistantships, library internships, editing, and tutoring.

Master of Arts in English

With an emphasis on career advancement and critical consciousness, the M.A. in English expands opportunities for K-12 teachers, lays a foundation for doctoral study, and equips students for jobs in college teaching as well as careers in publishing, editing, writing, content curation, digital scholarship, and teaching English abroad.

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Spanish Education

A pathway to a California Spanish teaching credential. 

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