Student Research Projects: M.A.

Current Students

Writing Studies & Pedagogy

Literary Studies

Anthony Lowe
M.A. Project: In the Doldrums of Destiny: An Interpretive Account of Ulysses S. Grant in Gold Rush Era California

Ken Rainey
M.A. Project: Behind the Veil: Lessons of Masked Resistance in Sam Greelee’s Novel The Spook Who Sat by the Door
M.A. Project Chair: Christina Hsu Accomando

Karen Zurita
M.A. Project: Words Made from Flesh and Bones: How Xicanx Queer Authors are Decolonizing Writing to Reclaim Their Indigeneity
M.A. Project Chair: Christina Hsu Accomando

Adam Mellott
M.A. Project: "Between Scotch and Nothing”: Alcohol, Hunger, and Imperialism in Faulkner
M.A. Project Chair: Janet Winston

Cultural Studies

Kim Sisu
M.A. Project: The Revolution Will be Meme’d: Internet Memes as Counter-Hegemony
M.A. Project Chair: Lisa Tremain

Douglas Smith
M.A. Project: The Pan African Land Manual: Black Radical Literature, Lyric and Tradition
M.A. Project Chair: Renée Byrd

Cole Shepard
M.A. Project: Beyond Capitalist Realism: Post-Capitalist Futures, Anti-Capitalist Presents, and the Roads In Between
M.A. Project Chair: Janet Winston

Digital Humanities

Allison Iafrate
M.A. Project: Our Place in Research: Understanding Social Productions of Knowledge Using Digital Spaces
M.A. Project Chair: Janelle Adsit



Writing Studies & Pedagogy

Jonathan Abidari
M.A. Project: Multimodality in Focus
M.A. Project Chair: Lisa Tremain

Literary Studies

Aaron Laughlin
M.A. Project: Hózhó, "To Walk in Beauty and Balance": Indigenous Writers Decolonize Theories of Myth
M.A. Project Chair: Michael Eldridge