Senior Portfolio

Throughout English majors’ study at Humboldt, students collect their written work in the Senior Portfolio. Once complete, the portfolio provides a record of each student's achievements and highlights their ability to think and write carefully about literature and language. 

Portfolios can be multimodal with the option to include audio recordings, video, visual texts, and more.

Portfolio materials are collected on Canvas, our learning management system. Students have the option to transform their Canvas portfolios into websites, dossiers, writing samples for graduate school or to otherwise prepare their portfolio for specific intended audiences.


A portfolio should include the following:

    • At least 3 written assignments from English major courses 
    • A 4-7 page reflective essay that prefaces the portfolio and may engage with one or more of the following questions: What have you learned about writing, reading, disciplinary knowledge, and/or English Studies in the Cal Poly English major program? What assignments, examples of writing, experiences, etc. can you point to that facilitated this learning? In what ways have you already and/or will you apply this learning?