Info for Advisors

First-year Writing Course Options

  1. English 102+103 - Stretch English
    A normal paced two-semester sequence for satisfying Area A, the Written Communication Requirement. Students work with one instructor and the same cohort for the full year. 

  2. English 104 - Accelerated English
    This is the accelerated one-semester course for satisfying Area A, the Written Communication Requirement. The content and curriculum are identical to English 102+103 but condensed into one semester.

Comparing options 


  • Teach the same curriculum
  • Provide opportunities to write in several genres
  • Build a writing portfolio to show a wide range of written work
  • Fulfill the General Education Area A Written Communication requirement 


  • The pace of material covered. English 102+103 is completed in two semesters and English 104 is completed in one.

Benefits of English 102+103

  • The courses spread over two semesters, allowing students to process new and complex material
  • More personalized instruction and generally a smaller class size
  • Both classes are taken with the same instructor and group of students 

Optional Writing Lab: English 110

All students have the option of enrolling in English 110, a one-unit writing lab. This class doesn’t give homework assignments and provides additional instructional support, time to write, and one-on-one help with assignments.