Careers & Alumni

In preparation for a range of career opportunities, English majors and graduate students will study great works of literature, learn how to analyze literary texts and their contexts, improve their writing and critical thinking skills, and explore the beauty of the English language.

Because we emphasize small discussion-based classes, students receive individual attention, flexibility in pursuing special interests, and many opportunities to work with our knowledgeable faculty. 

Related Career Fields

The following list is not meant to be all inclusive; many other job alternatives and titles may exist. Some require further education.

High School English Teaching

Research and Library Science

Authorship and Book Design

Book and Journal Editing

Ebook and Digital Media Production

Social Media Marketing

Podcast and Audiobook Production

Literary Marketing, Publicity, & Agenting

Video Game Development and Production

Animation Writing

Story Editing for TV and Film

English as a Second/Foreign Language Teaching

Arts Administration

Communications for Nonprofits & Activist Organizations

Law and Legal Advocacy

Non-profit Organization Development

Copywriting & Communications Strategizing

Business and Technical Writing

University and Community College Teaching

Writing Center Administration

University Program Coordination

Grants, Fundraising, and Development

Bookstore Management


Marketable Skills

  • Writing and speaking effectively to a range of audiences
  • Engaging and understanding diverse perspectives
  • Informing and persuading readers and listeners
  • Communicating gracefully in interpersonal and intercultural exchanges
      • Conceptualizing and crafting modes of self-expression
      • Communicating ideas through creative mediums
      • Generating and adapting ideas
      Researching/ Analyzing
      • Evaluating ideas and structures
      • Gathering and synthesizing information
      • Critically analyzing topics and arguments
      • Defining, organizing, and solving problems
          • Working independently and as part of a team 
          • Planning and meeting deadlines
          • Developing and executing projects