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Federal Work Study Graduate Research Assistantships

Qualified M.A. students who are eligible for work-study funding may be matched with faculty or staff members whose research or creative projects require a research assistant. Awards of up to $5,000 per academic year (up to 15 hours of work per week) are typically available—contingent upon federal funding. Students must be enrolled in 6 units or more of course work to be eligible. While faculty members typically nominate students for these positions, students are also encouraged to seek out faculty and initiate a conversation about the possibility of working as their research assistants.

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Non-resident Tuition Fee Waiver

Executive Order 605 authorizes the university to waive full or partial non-resident tuition for the most highly qualified non-resident applicants. The Department of English Graduate Committee reviews application files and awards these partial waivers shortly after fall priority admission decisions are made in February. 

Tuition Fee Waiver form

Western Regional Graduate Program

This program allows students from sixteen Western states & territories to attend Humboldt and pay California Resident Tuition. 

For more information on the program visit the WRGP website.

To find out which states & territories participate visit the WICHE Region page.


Deans' Graduate Scholarships

$500 minimum

Find out more about the Deans' Graduate Scholarship 

How we evaluate this scholarship application

  • 8-unit minimum enrollment per semester
  • Preference given to applicants who have demonstrated a commitment to scholarship, professional development, and/or activism on issues of racial and/or social justice. 

English Department Deadlines for the Deans' Graduate Scholarship

  • The Graduate Committee will begin reviewing scholarship applications on March 15.
  • Applications submitted by the April 15 and July 1 deadlines will be considered if there is money available.

Jack Thompson Hearst Scholarship


Find out more about the Jack Thompson Hearst Scholarship

Graduate Equity Fellowship


find out more about the Graduate Equity Fellowship