Special Topics Courses


HSU offers the largest variety of special topics courses of any English Department among any of the 23 California State Universities.  This practice enriches our major in all areas, but especially in literary studies.

Here are just some of the topics courses we have offered in recent years:

  • Literature, Media and Culture
  • Decolonizing British Literature: How to Grow an Empire
  • Crime and Capitalism in Modern British Literature
  • Caribbean Literature
  • Graphic Novels and Comics
  • Satire in a Post-Irony World
  • Collaborative Writing
  • Women in Literature: Witchcraft and Witches
  • Palestinian Literature
  • Latinx Literature
  • Multicultural Queer Narratives
  • Shakespeare and Metamorphosis
  • Shakespeare and the Body
  • Sexology and Literary Scandal
  • Black Britain
  • Poetry and Protest
  • Power in/and of the Home
  • Afrofuturism and Chicanx Futurism
  • Literature of North Africa and the Middle East
  • Speculative Fiction: Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Marxist Literary Theory
  • Politics and Aesthetics
  • Performing Race and Gender
  • Modern Arabic Literature

This list is constantly growing, in response to new students' interests.