Lisa Tremain

Lisa Tremain
(707) 826-5762
Founders Hall 201E

My research investigates the ecologies of writing knowledge development and transfer, including how writing and literacy are taught and learned in and beyond the classroom and post-secondary institution. My most recent interests have turned toward mulitmodality and transfer, linguistic justice, and writing in, across, and beyond the academic disciplines. I am currently co-editing a collection (forthcoming from Peter Lang Publishing) with Dr. Libbi Miller (Humboldt Professor of Education) where authors theorize, describe and/or analyze writing transfer through lenses of radical epistemological justice. In the classroom, I am interested in working in community to support collaborative and individual writing that enacts transformation of dominant textual structures, including scholarly genres.

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Specialty Areas

Rhetoric, Writing Studies, Writing Pedagogy and Assessment, Ways of Knowing and Writing, Writing Across the Curriculum


PhD, University of California Santa Barbara

Courses Taught

English 102/103:Composition and Rhetoric A & B
English 104: Accelerated Composition & Rhetoric
English 215: Information Literacy & Writers Seminar
English 406: Theories and Technologies of Writing
English 422: Professional Research Pathways: Research, Libraries, & Graduate School Planning
English 581: Becoming a College-Level Instructor
English 611: Literacies and Epistemologies
English 612: Theories of Rhetoric and Composition

Current Graduate Students

Name M.A. Project
Kim Sisu



Radical Frameworks for Writing Transfer: Epistemological Justice in the Writing Classroom, co-edited with L. Miller (Peter Lang Publishing, forthcoming).


"Possibilities and Pathways: Connecting Multimodality and Educational Equity in the FYC Program" in Multimodal Composition: Faculty Development Programs and Institutional Change, co-authored with K. Stelter & J. Abidari (Routledge).

“Heavy Lifting: How WPAs Facilitate Uptake and Knowledge Transfer for Faculty," in Making Administrative Work Visible: Data-Driven Approaches to Understanding the Labor of Writing Program Administration (Univ. Press of Colorado).

“Creando Raíces: Sustaining Multilingual Students’ Ways of Knowing at the Developing HSI," in Composition Forum, Special Issue: Promoting Social Justice for Multilingual Writers on College Campuses, co-authored with J. Citti, L. Miller, N. Pérez & C. Wells.

“Extending What We Know: Reflections on the Transformational Value of Threshold Concepts for Writing Studies Faculty," in (Re)Considering What We Know: Learning Thresholds in Writing, Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy (Univ. Press of Colorado).

“(Dis)Positioning Writing about Writing Knowledge, Reflecting on Writer Identity: A Curriculum Aimed at Writing Knowledge Transfer", in Next Steps: New Directions for/in Writing About Writing (Univ. Press of Colorado).