Justin Egan

Justin egan
M.A. Project Chair: 
Lisa Tremain
Graduation Year: 

Currently, I am working for Papa and Barkley Social, a dispensary, spa, and cannabis lounge. In my present role, I am responsible for customer service and dispensary sales. I hope to grow within the company into a more creative role and spend less time on the floor. I will be taking on a part-time teaching position in composition at College of the Redwoods next semester, and I am very excited. My patience and resilience have finally led me to the role I have been seeking since graduation.

I do my best to keep myself engaged with reading and writing, and sometimes publish reviews of books and video games on Medium. I have been outlining and conceptualizing a science fiction novel, tentatively titled Pseudo-Real, which I plan to begin formally writing in 2022.

I see great value in the graduate program at HSU. Not only have I been instructed by incredible teachers and advisors, but also I was given the privilege and great learning opportunity to teach my own composition courses. These experiences confirmed for me that teaching college-level composition was the most rewarding work I had done and that it was the career path I wanted to pursue. Studying and discussing language, systems of power, and the ways power can be subverted have focused my interpretive and critical perspectives. My political education would not be complete without my time in this program. Language is power, and learning to read and use language effectively is valuable--often dangerous–work.