Cole Shepard

Cole Shepard
M.A. Project Chair: 
Janet Winston

I am currently in the MA in English program. Humboldt State University was also where I got my bachelor’s degree—the wonderful faculty here did not make my decision to come back for my Master’s very difficult. The program has been a blast so far, and the faculty have been very accommodating with my less-than-typical English department project. Along the way, I have seen nothing but support, everyone in the department I talk about my project with providing me with new resources and new insights.

I’ve been researching and writing about postcapitalism and its surrounding conversations. I’m interested in seeing how people envision a future without capitalism and how they expect us to get there, and I’m casting a wide net for answers. This has led me all around the academic world from queer and Indigenous scholars to sociologists and anthropologists to philosophers and politicians. Every field has a vested interest in re-examining our relationship to capitalism, and my goal is to trace where those conversations are going.

When not knee-deep in homework, I am pursuing miscellaneous creative endeavors, like writing, drawing, or music production.