Nikola Hobbel

English Education

Ph.D., 2003, University of Wisconsin, Madison
M.S., 1998, Dominican University of California
English Education, K-12 Literacy, Curriculum Theory, Critical Pedagogy
Affiliated Faculty: Environment & Community Master’s Program

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Areas of Interest: 

English Education and Poststructural Analyses


Racialized discourses in Teacher Education, Educational Policy Analysis, Young Adult Literature, academic literacy and Multicultural Pedagogies.

Courses Taught: 
English 120: Introduction to the Major
English 323: Children's Literature
English 344: Young Adult Literature
English 424: Communication in Writing I
English 426: Communication in Writing II
English 611: Seminar in Teaching Writing
English 612: Development of Writing Abilities
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Nikola Hobbel
(707) 826-3161
Founders Hall 172