David Stacey

Writing Practices

Ph.D., University of Louisville
Rhetoric and Composition, Literary Theory, British Fiction and Poetry

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Areas of Interest: 

Rhetoric and Composition; Literary Theory; British fiction and poetry.


Kenneth Burke; web-based teaching and writing projects; Summer Study in Oxford Program; “textual intervention”; future of English Studies.

Courses Taught: 
English 60: Intensive Reading and Composition--Activity
English 100/A: First-Year Reading and Composition
English 101: Critical Writing
English 120: Introduction to the English Major
English 406: Theory of Composition
English 422: Advanced Research Writing
English 424: Communication in Writing I
English 485: English Colloquium
English 490: Senior Project Seminar
English 600: Fundamentals of Research in Composition and Literature
English 611: Seminar in Teaching Writing
English 612: Development of Writing Abilities
English 618: Linguistic and Rhetorical Approaches to Writing
English 682: Internship in the Teaching of Writing
David Stacey
(707) 826-3176
Founders Hall 222