Cassandra Curatolo

Cassandra Curatolo
M.A. Project Chair: 
Janet Winston
Graduation Year: 

I was recently hired as the Administrative Support Assistant (ASA II) for the Departments of English, Philosophy, Communication, and Journalism & Mass Communication at Humboldt State University. In this role, I’ll support programs, faculty, and students through a variety of administrative responsibilities.

As a graduate student, I studied Postmodernism, postcolonial subjectivity, Asian American narratives, and the socio-historical relationship between Japan and the United States. I was interested in cultural mythology and the idea of a national collective imaginary – specifically the ways that these phenomena shape our identities and our understanding of others, and therefore our material realities. The MA program offered a space for me to combine my academic research and my family’s history, making the project all the more meaningful.

I rely heavily on the hard and soft skills I developed as a graduate student. The process of writing and revising my thesis and the opportunity to teach freshman composition both primed me for the work I would go on to do as an assistant editor at the North Coast Journal. Learning professional standards for writing and communicating has aided me in administrative and PR tasks as I managed my family’s independent bookstore.

The critical framework I developed during my graduate studies is fundamental to the way I navigate all aspects of my life. In both of my professional experiences, I was hyper-aware of how words and stories can perpetuate harm and uphold systems of injustice, and I worked to center marginalized voices and perspectives. For the last several years, I have also brought intersectional feminist theory & praxis to my leadership roles in a queer athletics nonprofit.

The community that surrounded me during my time as a graduate student continues to support me in personal and professional endeavors.