Kerry Marsden

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(707) 826-3228
Founders Hall 170

I've been teaching since 2013 and what I enjoy most about the work is the explicit call to think deeply and study with other humans. My reading and teaching interests include queer and crip theory, fat liberation, speculative fiction, and literacy studies. Beyond my teaching work, I enjoy attempting to garden, playing role-playing games with friends, and spending time with my deeply obnoxious but equally loveable cats.

Specialty Areas

Writing studies; Writing pedagogy; Gender/Sexuality studies; Fat studies; Disability studies; Queer futures


B.A., English, Ethnic American Literature, Multicultural Queer Studies. Humboldt State University
M.A., Humboldt State University

Courses Taught

ENGL 102/103: Composition and Rhetoric A & B
ENGL 104: Accelerated Composition and Rhetoric
ENGL 105: Literature, Media and Culture
ENGL 215: Information Literacy and Writers' Seminar
ENGL 450: Tutoring Developing Writers
CRGS 108: Power/Privilege
ES 105: Introduction to Ethnic Studies
WS 106: Introduction to Women's Studies
WS 107: Women, Culture, and History
WS 350: Health and Body Politics