Kathleen Doty

Honors:Excellence in Teaching Award, HSU (2013)Visiting Professor, University of Lund (Sweden, 1999-2000)Fulbright Senior Scholar (Finland, 1995)

Specialty Areas

Linguistics; Pragmatics; 20th-century Literature


Ph.D., University of Washington

Courses Taught

English 225: Introduction to Language Analysis
English 308: Women in Literature
English 325: History of the English Language
English 326: Language Studies for Teachers
English 328: Structure of American English
English 481: Internship in Literature, Writing, or Linguistics
English 465: Multicultural Issues in Literature/Languages
English 480: Special Topics
English 485: English Colloquium
English 499: Directed Study
English 536: Seminar in American Literature
English 546: Seminar in British Literature
English 618: Linguistic and Rhetorical Approaches to Writing
English 682: Internship in the Teaching of Writing
English 690: Master's Project
English 699: Independent Study


Forthcoming in 2016, “Shee gave Selfe both Soule and body to the Devill”: The Use of Binomials in the Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692,” (co-author with Mark Wicklund) in Fixed and Flexible: Binomials in the History of English, eds. Joanna Kopaczyk and Han, Forthcoming in 2017, “Pleading for life: Narrative patterns within legal petitions,” in Legal Pragmatics, ed. Dennis Kurzon (John Benjamins Publishing)., “Courtroom Discourse” in Handbook of Pragmatics: Historical Pragmatics, eds. Andreas H. Jucker and Irma Taavitsainen, Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 2010., "(Un)Becoming Conduct: Cotton Mather’s Ornaments for the Daughters of Zion and the Salem Witchcraft Crisis.” In Instructional Writing in English, eds. Matti Peikola et al. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing, 2009., "Formulaic Discourse and Speech Acts in the Witchcraft Trial Records of Salem, 1692,” Journal of Pragmatics 41(3), 2009: 458-469. (Co-authored with Risto Hiltunen), “Telling Tales: The role of scribes in constructing the discourse of the Salem witchcraft trials.” Journal of Historical Pragmatics 8(1), 2007: 25-41., “’I will tell, I will tell’: Confessional Patterns in the Salem Witchcraft Trials, 1692.” Journal of Historical Pragmatics 3:2, 2002: 299-335. (Co-authored with Risto Hiltunen), "The Power of Communicating Without Words: David Malouf's An Imaginary Life and Remembering Babylon" In Antipodes: A North American Journal of Australian Literature, 10:2 (December 1996): 99-105. (Co-authored with Risto Hiltunen), "Taking a Stance: How Finnish and American University Students Respond to Literature." In Essayes & Explorations: A `Freundschrift' for Liisa Dahl, ed. Marita Gustafsson. Anglicana Turkuensia, No. 15: 21-35. Turku: University of Turku Press, 1996.