Concentration C: Major in Teaching Language Arts

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Major Planning Guide (PDF)


The Teaching Language Arts concentration is a pathway through the English major designed for students planning to teach English at the secondary school level. Completion of this concentration allows students to waive the CSET exam for the Single Subject Teaching Credential in English. 

    • Core Courses, Required (12 units)
      English 120: Introduction to the Major OR English 220: Literature, Identity, Representation
      English 225: Introduction to Language Analysis
      English 320: Practical Criticism*
      *English 320 pre-requisite for most upper division literature courses


    • Take All of the Following Courses
      English 230 or 231: Survey of British Literature
      English 232: Survey of American Literature
      English 240: World Literature
      English 328: Structure of American English
      English 336: American Ethnic Literature
      English 342: Special Topics in Shakespeare
      English 344: Young Adult Literature
      English 406: Theory of Composition
      English 426: Communication in Writing II
      English 435: Introduction to English as a Second/Foreign Language


  • Take Eight Units from One of the Following Extended Study Options
      • Literature and Language (8 units)
        English 325: History of English Language
        English 330: American Literature
        English 350: British Literature
        English 360: Topics in Literature/Language
        English 370: Topics in the Literature of Power and Place
        English 420: Advanced Topics in Critical Theory
        English 465B/C: Multicultural Issues in Language and Literature

      • Writing (8 units)
        English 211: Introduction to Creative Writing
        English 311: Environmental Writing
        English 314: Creative Writing: Nonfiction Writing*
        English 315: Creative Writing: Fiction*
        English 316: Creative Writing: Poetry*
        English 422: Advanced Research Writing
        English 450: Tutoring Developing Writers
        English 460: Literary Editing and Publishing
        English 461: Professional Concerns in Writing and Editing
        *ENGL 211 a pre-requisite

    • Language Acquisition and Development (6-12 units)
      English 417: Second-Language Acquisition *
      English 436: Integrating Language & Content in English **
      Six semester units of a second language taken at a university or at an intensive language program.
      * English 328 must be taken concurrently with or before 417
      ** English 435 must be taken before 436

Required to Apply for a California Credential Program:
SED 210/410: Early Fieldwork Experience in Schools / Observation and Participation.

Students who complete the core courses and the Language Acquisition and Development Depth Option will have completed the coursework required for a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and the coursework required by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing for a Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development (CLAD) Certificate. This certificate is awarded by the Commission after obtaining a basic California teaching certificate. Students must apply for the TESL minor using the Minor Declaration form from the Registrar's Office.