Lynnika Butler


B.A., English & Spanish, Williams College
M.A., Ph.D., Linguistics, University of Arizona

In addition to teaching in HSU’s English Department, I also work as a linguist for the Wiyot Tribe.

Prosodically Driven Metathesis in Mutsun

Areas of Interest: 

Phonology, Morphology, Native American linguistics, text/corpus linguistics, lexicography


Phonological and morphological metathesis in Mutsun; Wiyot phonology, morphology, syntax, and revitalization


Warner, Natasha, Geary, Quirina, and Butler, Lynnika. 2018. Creating learning materials and teaching materials for language revitalization: The case of Mutsun. Invited chapter in Insights from Practices in Community-Based Research: From Theory To Practice Around The Globe, ed. by Shannon Bischoff and Carmen Jany, Mouton de Gruyter.

Warner, Natasha, Butler, Lynnika and Geary, Quirina. 2016. Mutsun-English/English-Mutsun Dictionary: mutsun-inkiS inkiS-mutsun riica pappel. Language Documentation & Conservation Special Publication no. 11. Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press. 672 pages.

Warner, Natasha, Luna, Quirina, Butler, Lynnika, and Van Volkinburg, Heather. 2009. Revitalization in a scattered language community: Problems and methods from the perspective of Mutsun language revitalization. International Journal of the Sociology of Language198:135-148.

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Warner, Natasha, Butler, Lynnika, and Luna-Costillas, Quirina.  2006. Making a dictionary for community use in language revitalization: The case of Mutsun. International Journal of Lexicography19:257-285.

Bischoff, Shannon, Butler, Lynnika, Norquest, Peter and Siddiqi, Daniel (eds.).  2006. MIT Working Papers on Endangered and Less Familiar Languages 7: Studies in Salishan.

Courses Taught: 
ENGL 326: Language Studies for Teachers
ENGL 328: Structure of American English
Lynnika Butler
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