Janet Winston

Literary Studies - Graduate Coordinator

Ph.D., University of Iowa
Cultural Studies, Postcolonial Feminist Studies, British Modernism, and Queer Studies

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Areas of Interest: 

Cultural Studies; Postcolonial Studies; Gender/Sexuality Studies; British Modernism; Twentieth-Century Culture


Critical race theory and “whiteness” studies; Postcolonial feminist theory; Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury; LGBTQ issues in higher education.

Courses Taught: 
Literature, Identity, and Representation
Lesbian Texts/Queer Theories
Postcolonial Perspectives
Sexology and Literary Scandal
Art, War, and Politics in Modernist Literature
Introduction to Cultural Studies
Englishness and Otherness in Modernist Britain
21st-Century Virginia Woolf
Kinetic Tropes, Comedic Turns: Dancing To the Lighthouse. Contradictory Woolf: Selected Papers from the Twenty-First Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf. Ed. Derek Ryan and Stella Bolaki. Clemson University Digital Press, 2012. 122-28
Woolf's To the Lighthouse. Reader’s Guides series on key texts in literature and philosophy. London: Continuum Books, 2009.
Difficult Silences. Academe: Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors (July-August 2006): 64-67.
"Reading Influences: Homoeroticism and Mentoring in Katherine Mansfield’s ‘Carnation’ and Virginia Woolf’s ‘Moments of Being: Slater’s Pins Have No Points.’” Virginia Woolf: Lesbian Readings. Ed. Eileen Barrett and Patricia Cramer. The Cutting Edge: Lesbi
“Queen Victoria in the Funnyhouse: Adrienne Kennedy and the Rituals of Colonial Possession.” Remaking Queen Victoria. Ed. Margaret Homans and Adrienne Munich. Cambridge Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture Series. Ed. Gillian Beer and Cath
“‘Something Out of Harmony’: To the Lighthouse and the Subject(s) of Empire.” Woolf Studies Annual 2 (1996): 39-70. Reprinted in part in Virginia Woolf: To the Lighthouse, The Waves. Ed. Jane Goldman. Series Ed. Richard Beynon. Columbia Critical Guides Se
Janet Winston
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