Minor in Literary Publishing

COMING SOON! Minor in Literary Publishing

Please contact Dr. Janelle Adsit if you are interested in this minor program. The program will be officially launched in fall 2022.


Minor in Literary Publishing Advisor

Janelle Adsit, Ph.D.


Founders Hall 228


The Program

This interdisciplinary minor provides students a foundation in the skills associated with careers in literary publishing. Students gain hands-on experience working on the staff of the Toyon Multilingual Journal of Literature and Art for at least one semester. Their work is supported by applied study in graphic design and/or illustration. Students in the minor also choose a set of upper-division courses that best align with the career pathway they are interested in—acquisitions and editorial, translation, printing and production, and/or marketing and publicity. 



The minor consists of a total of fifteen (15) units in related coursework. At least ten (10) of these units are upper-division. 


CORE COURSE (4 units)

ENGL460 Literary Editing and Publishing - Toyon Literary Magazine (4 units)



Choose one:

ART108 Graphic Design 1 (3 units)

JMC134 Photojournalism & Photoshop (3 units)

JMC150 Digital Design (3 units)



Select eight units from the following:

ES280 CouRaGeouS Cuentos Production (2 units)

ART301M History of the Book (1 unit)*    *Consult minor advisor about this course offering. 

BA340 Principles of Marketing (4 units)

ENGL319 Digital Rhetorics and Writing (4 units)

ENGL344 Young Adult Literature (3 units)

ENGL461 Professional Concerns in Writing & Editing (4 units) 

ENGL482 Internship in Publishing 

JMC318 Media Research (3 units)

JMC322 Editing (3 units)

JMC323 Public Relations (3 units)

JMC 324 Advanced News Writing (3 units)

JMC360 Advanced El Leñador Newspaper (2 units) 

SPAN308S Introduction to Translation and Interpretation (3 units)

Consult minor advisor for approval of Special Topics and Variable Topics courses not on this list.


Declaring a Minor

Minor Declaration Form 

When you apply for graduation, you should indicate on your application form (under "Comments") that you are applying for a minor in Literature. 

More information about applying for graduation and degree checks