Minor in Linguistics

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Minor in Linguistics Advisor

Nikola Hobbel, Ph.D.
Founders Hall, Room 172


About the Minor in Linguistics

Faculty are drawn from several departments for an interdisciplinary, integrated program of study. Participants analyze language in all its aspects.

Linguistics students find they have a background for careers requiring both written and spoken communication skills. Potential careers: linguist, translator, interpreter, advertising specialist, writer, intelligence specialist, speech/language pathologist, speech writer, materials developer, editor, and ESL teacher.

This minor also provides a background for students wanting to do graduate work in linguistics, modern languages, or a social science.



To fulfill requirements for a minor in linguistics, complete a minimum of 19 units in approved courses.


1. ENGL 225 (4) Introduction to Language Analysis or ENGL 326 (4) Language Study for Teachers

2. One year of a language other than English in sequence at the university level (6-10 units)


One course each of the following areas 

Philosophical & Anthropological Approaches

ANTH 340 (4) Language & Culture, or
PHIL 100 (3) Logic, or
PHIL 485 (3) Issues & Thinkers of Philosophical Interest [when topic is Philosophy of Language]

Language Development

ENGL 417 (3) Second Language Acquisition, or
ENGL 328 (4) Structure of American English, or
ENGL 325 (4) History of the English Language

Language Study

FREN 311 (4) French V & Stories from the Francophone World, or
GERM 311 (4) German Level V, or
SPAN 311 (4) Spanish Level V



LING 495 (3) Practicum in Language . Studies

Please Note:
In variable-topics courses (240, 330, 336, 342, 350, 360, 420, 465B-C, and 480), the course title changes each semester to reflect that term's topic.
*Please contact the individual instructor directly to ask for permission to enroll without the ENGL 320 prerequisite.

Declaring the Minor

Minor Declaration Form 

When you apply for graduation, you should indicate on your application form (under "Comments") that you are applying for a minor in Linguistics.

More information about applying for graduation and degree checks