Minor in Ethnic American Literatures

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To fulfill the requirements for a minor in Ethnic American Literatures, complete the courses listed in the Minor Contract. You should also submit a Minor Declaration form to the Office of the Registrar in the Student Business Services Building, Room 133.  When you apply for graduation, you should indicate on your application form (under "Comments") that you are applying for a minor in Literature. Please follow this link for more information about applying for graduation and degree checks: http://pine.humboldt.edu/registrar/students/graduation.html

Drawing on classes from ethnic studies, Native American studies, and English, this interdisciplinary minor provides the opportunity to study the diverse literatures of multi-ethnic American writers.

Students gain an understanding of the comparative histories and cultures of ethnic groups in the US through ES 105, required of all minors. Minors take another 12 units in ethnic American literature and culture, including ENGL/ES 336, American Ethnic Literature. Courses might concentrate on the literary traditions of a particular group (Native American, African American, Asian American, or Chicano literatures) or examine multi-ethnic US literatures in a comparative way. Various special topics courses also may apply, depending on the topic and subject to advisor approval.

This minor can be particularly useful for those planning careers in teaching, social work, business, law, journalism, and community development.

15 units in approved courses in ethnic studies, Native American studies, and English:

ES 105 (3) Introduction to US Ethnic Studies
ES 336/ENGL 336 (4) American Ethnic Literature

Eight additional approved units in ethnic American literature and culture. Options include:

  • ENGL 330 (4) American Literature [depending on topic; consult advisor]
  • ENGL 465 (4) Multicultural Issues in . Literature [depending on topic; consult advisor]
  • ES 314 (3) Chicano Culture & Society in America
  • ES 336/ENGL 336 (4) American Ethnic Literature [topics vary; may be repeated]
  • NAS 301 (3) Native American Literature [topics vary; may be repeated]
  • NAS 302 (3) Oral Literature & Oral Tradition 

Consult with the advisor for approval of a special topics courses not on this list.

Please Note:
In variable-topics courses (240, 330, 336, 342, 350, 360, 420, 465B-C, and 480), the course title changes each semester to reflect that term's topic.
*Please contact the individual instructor directly to ask for permission to enroll without the ENGL 320 prerequisite.