Minor in English Writing

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A minimum of 15 units, 11 of which must be upper division. See the Writing Minor Advisor for course approval and advice in planning a minor appropriate to your needs and interests.

To fulfill the requirements for a minor in Writing, complete the courses listed in the Minor Contract. You should also submit a Minor Declaration form to the Office of the Registrar in the Student Business Services Building, Room 133. When you apply for graduation, you should indicate on your application form (under "Comments") that you are applying for a minor in Writing. Please follow this link for more information about applying for graduation and degree checks: http://pine.humboldt.edu/registrar/students/graduation.html
ENGL 211 (4) Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 311 (4) Environmental Writing
ENGL 314 (4) Creative Writing: Nonfiction
ENGL 315 (4) Creative Writing: Fiction
ENGL 316 (4) Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGL 422 (4) Advanced Research Writing
ENGL 450 (2) Tutoring Developing Writers
ENGL 460 (4) Literary Editing and Publishing
ENGL 461 (4) Literary Magazines and Contemporary Audiences

With Minor Advisor's approval, students may substitute one of the following courses, for any one of the upper-division courses listed above: JMC 324 (3) Magazing Writing, or TFD 348 (3) Writing for Film.