Minor in English Literature

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Minor Planning Guide (PDF)


Minor in English Literature Advisor

Janet Winston, Ph.D.

Founders Hall 213




A minimum of 15 units, 11 of which must be upper division. See the Literature Minor Advisor for course approval and advice in planning a minor appropriate to your needs and interests.

To fulfill the requirements for a minor in Literature, complete the courses listed in the Minor Contract. 

Please Note:

In variable-topics courses (240, 330, 336, 342, 350, 360, 420, 465B-C, and 480), the course title changes each semester to reflect that term's topic.

 *Please contact the individual instructor directly to ask for permission to enroll without the ENGL 320 prerequisite.

Lower Division

ENGL 120 (4) Intro to the English Major
ENGL 220 (4) Literature, Identity & Representation
ENGL 230 (4) Survey of British Literature: Beginnings through the 18th Century
ENGL 231 (4) Survey of British Literature: >19th and 20th Centuries
ENGL 232 (4) Survey of American Literature
ENGL 240 (4) World Literature

Upper Division

ENGL 305 (3) Postcolonial Perspectives:  Literature of the Developing World
ENGL 306 (3) Contemporary Texts
ENGL 308B-C (3) Women in Literature
ENGL 320 (4) Practical Criticism (Prerequisite: ENGL 120 or ENGL 220)
ENGL 330 (4) American Literature*
ENGL 336 (4) American Ethnic Literature
ENGL 342 (4) Special Topics in Shakespeare*
ENGL 350 (4) British Literature*
ENGL 360 (4) Special Topics in Literature
ENGL 370 (4) Topics in the Literature of Power and Place
ENGL 420 (4) Advanced Topics in Critical Theory*
ENGL 465B-C (4) Multicultural Issues in Literature/Languages*
ENGL 480 (1-4) Special Topics* (must be in a literature topic)

 *Requires ENGL 320 Practical Criticism as a prerequisite. Instructors have some discretion to waive this requirement.


Declaring a Minor

Minor Declaration Form 

When you apply for graduation, you should indicate on your application form (under "Comments") that you are applying for a minor in Literature. 

More information about applying for graduation and degree checks