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Concentrations A and B of the English major consist of 16 units of Core Courses, 24 units in Concentrations, a Senior Portfolio seminar, and one year of college-level study of a language other than English. Concentration C of the English major consists of 16 units of Core Courses, all required courses in Concentration C, 12 units of depth courses, and a passing Senior Portfolio. All students, regardless of concentration selection, must have a minimum 2.0 grade point average in the major to graduate.

English majors will select ONE concentration to follow (A, B, or C). Students in Concentration A: Literary Studies, or Concentration B: Writing Practices, will take a minimum of 16 units in their selected pathway plus one course (4 units) from each of the other two pathways. Students in Concentration C: Teaching Language Arts, will take all units in their selected concentration plus 16 units in an option of their choice (Literature/Language, Creative Writing, or Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development).