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The BA in English at Humboldt State University enables students to pursue careers across a wide range of areas: writing, editing and publishing, arts administration, content creation, research, librarianship, digital scholarship, education, and teaching English as a second or foreign language (TESL/TEFL), community organizing and service, and social justice advocacy.

The Program

The English major is for students who want to make a difference in their communities because they care about the voices around them and how language acts upon the world. What words and stories shape our understandings? Whose voices are heard, and whose voices are left out? How can we tell our stories and help people become more confident language-users? These are the questions we ask in our courses each day.

The program takes a transnational and multilingual approach to English studies. You’ll learn to communicate effectively across many situations and to develop a critical consciousness for naming your experiences. You’ll study and enact the relationship between language, identity, and power. You’ll participate in conversations about social justice, pedagogy, literature, and writing that extend beyond the classroom. You’ll hone your skills in critical reading, writing, and research, and you’ll engage with texts that work across media: audio, digital, and print.

As an English major, you have the chance to work with faculty and a supportive cohort of your peers to explore the deep connection between theory and practice, between critique and creation. You’ll gain a broad set of skills across the program’s core courses. You have the opportunity to individually select a range of courses to extend your study, choosing a concentration in Literary Studies, Writing Practtices, or Teaching Language Arts.


Planning Your Major

The Literary Studies and Writing Practices concentrations of the English major include:

  • 16 units of Core Courses,
  • 16 units in the selected Concentration Area,
  • 4 units from each of the other two Concentration Areas,
  • a Senior Portfolio seminar,
  • and one year of college-level study of a language other than English.

The Teaching Language Arts concentration of the English major consists of

  • 12 units of Core Courses,
  • 10 required courses in Concentration C,
  • 6-12 units in a depth area of study.

All students, regardless of concentration selection, must have a minimum 2.0 grade point average in the major to graduate.

English majors will select ONE concentration to follow:

Concentration A: Literary Studies,

Concentration B: Writing Practices

Concentration C: Teaching Language Arts


Overview of the Major