David Longstreth

David Longstreth
M.A. Project Chair: 
Suzanne Scott
Graduation Year: 

After teaching in HSU’s International English Language Institute and completing my MA project on ESL/EFL vocabulary acquisition, I relocated to Southeast Asia to continue helping students from around the world advance their English literacy skills. My current role as a teacher in a French/English bilingual kindergarten in Bangkok, Thailand is as rewarding and multicultural as I could hope for. In addition to teaching, I have grown my business as a freelance editor and copywriter for eCommerce and online marketing.

The MA in English program, with an emphasis in Composition Studies and Pedagogy, prepared me to give my best to my students, clients, and my team in myriad ways. First and foremost, its focus on pedagogical theory and practice provided a strong foundation and an invaluable set of tools for assessing and optimizing any teaching and learning context. My knowledge of best practices in ESL/EFL and my understanding of the specific needs of multilingual students have positioned me as an effective educator and an asset to the institutions in which I have worked. The MA program’s focus on rhetoric and writing strategies also provided the big-picture perspective on written communication I needed in order to authoritatively craft and shape engaging content for my editorial clients.