Concentration B: Major in Writing Practices

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The Writing Practices concentration offers study in digital texts, content production, rhetorical theory, writing for social change, editing and publishing, and creative writing (poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction).

Students in any concentration have the opportunity to join the editorial team for Toyon Literary Magazine by taking ENGL460. A second course associated with Toyon is ENGL461, a course that also provides an introduction to a range of skills a writer may need in their career pathway (grant-writing, fellowship applications, publicity concerns, audio and digital content creation, resume-writing and interviewing, etc.).

Students who are interested in teaching writing may wish to enroll in ENGL450, a course that prepares students to apply to be consultants in the HSU Writing Studio.

  • Take All Four Core Courses
    English 120: Introduction to the Major
    English 220: Literature, Identity, Representation
    English 225: Introduction to Language Analysis
    English 320: Practical Criticism
  • Take Sixteen Units from the Following Courses, Twelve of Which Must Be Upper-Division Units
    English 211: Introduction to Creative Writing
    English 311: Environmental Writing
    English 314: Creative Writing: Nonfiction
    English 315: Creative Writing: Fiction
    English 316: Creative Writing: Poetry
    English 450: Tutoring Developing Writers
    English 460: Literary Editing and Publishing: Toyon Literary Magazine
    English 461: Professional Concerns in Writing and Editing
    English 480: Special Topics (with a writing topic)
  • Take One of the Following Courses from the Literary Studies Concentration (A):
    English 325: History of the English Language
    English 330: Topics in American Literature
    English 342: Topics in Shakespeare
    English 350: Topics in British Literature
    English 360: Topics in Literature/Language
    English 370: Topics in Literature of Power and Place
    English 420: Advanced Topics in Critical Theory
    English 465: Multicultural Issues in Language and Literature
    English 480: Special Topics (with a literature topic)
  • Take One of the Following Courses from the Teaching Language Arts Concentration (C):  
    English 328: Structure of American English
    English 336: American Ethnic Literature
    English 344: Young Adult Literature
    English 406: Theory of Composition
    English 417: Second Language Acquisition
    English 426: Communication in Writing II
    English 435: Introduction to English as a Second/Foreign Language
    English 436: Integrating Language & Content in English
  • Take One Year of a Language Other Than English Taken at the College Level
  • Take English 490: Senior Portfolio Seminar Capstone Course
  • Submit a Passing Senior Portfolio