The English department is proud to offer two $1000 scholarships per academic year. To be eligible, students must be a declared English major, have a GPA of 2.5 or above, demonstrate financial need (based on FAFSA application), and write an essay about how you will use your degree in English. Please go to https://humboldt.academicworks.com/opportunities/2987 to apply.


English Department Travel Funding Awards are available for currently enrolled English majors and graduate students only.  Each award can cover up to $250 for student travel.  There are three undergraduate and three graduate awards for this amount available each academic year.  Each student is eligible for one award per year, and applicants who are listed on the conference program will be given priority. 

The priority deadline for submission is November 1 of each year.  This deadline applies no matter when the travel takes place in a given academic year.  Academic years begin July 1 and end on June 30.  Notifications for the priority will be sent before the November fall break.  If funds remain available after the priority deadline disbursement, students have a second opportunity to apply for funding-with a deadline of March 1.

The application is available at the link above.



Select MA students have the opportunity to work as Graduate Teaching Associates in the English department under the leadership of the Writing Program Director. Graduate Teaching Associates teach first-year writing: English 104 Accelerated Composition and Rhetoric. If selected as a Graduate Teaching Associate, you will be required to attend a 1.5 day pre-semester teaching workshop during the week prior to fall semester and enroll in ENGL 581 for 3 units during your first semester teaching. Contingent on the availability of funds and student eligibility (as determined by financial aid awards), select Graduate Teaching Associates may receive a tuition waiver during one or more semester(s) they are teaching.  We solicit applications February 1 and conduct interviews for potential Graduate Teaching Associates in February and March of the semester prior to teaching.  To find out how to apply for a GTA position, please refer to How to Apply to the MA in English.  For further information, please contact Prof. Lisa Tremain, Writing Program Director, at lisa.tremain@humboldt.edu.  



Graduate students are encouraged to work as Writing Fellows in our Writing in the Disciplines Seminar (English 215). Qualified applicants may become paid Writing Fellows. Successfully completing one semester of English 450 Tutoring Developing Writers is a prerequisite for all paid fellow positions. For more information about becoming a Writing Fellow, please contact Prof. Lisa Tremain, Writing Program Director, at lisa.tremain@humboldt.edu.  



To find out about additional employment and internship opportunities for MA in English students, please visit Funding and Internships for MA in English.



All students and community members have the opportunity to publish their writing and art in Toyon Multilingual Journal of Literature and Art. Submissions are accepted year-round. Visit the Toyon website for more information. 

Students can also gain hands-on experience in producing the Toyon literary magazine. Students enroll in ENGL460 (fall semesters) and ENGL461 (spring semesters) to learn about the editorial and production process, as well as marketing and publicity approaches for literary work. These courses function as an internship in the form of the class, and every student enrolled in ENGL460 and ENGL461 fulfills a role on the Toyon staff. The courses are open to all students who have met the writing general education requirement. Many students choose to take these courses in their final year of coursework because they are career-oriented.